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The Al Wadi Food Industries Co. is on its way to make first appearance in the market with the brand “Al Wadi”. The Al Wadi is now available in 330ml, 500ml and 1500ml variants

The Treatment

The raw water to the Product water
The first step of the treatment is to filter the raw water using 5 micron filter cartridges. The suspended particles like dust and sludge will be removed at this stage. Then this water will be treated with Quarts sand and activated carbon . In this step we make sure that all unwanted elements and halogens like chlorine are removed. The next step is called Softening which ensures the soft water by removing components of hardness.

We use modern technology which is accepted worldwide. In our plant we ensure TDS (Total dissolved Solids ) under control with the help of Reverse Osmosis an American Membrane Technology.

The dual disinfection method like Ozonisation and Ultraviolet makes sure that "Al WADI WATER" is 100% free from all kinds of microorganisms. The Special Quality monitoring Systems designed by Al wadi water makes a difference in quality.

  • 330ml
  • 500ml
  • 1500ml


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